U2, you too?

My love for U2 started back in the early 90s.  I was finally listening to “my music” and not what my parents loved (but I do have a special spot in my musical heart for Lionel Richie, Bob Seger, the Pointer Sisters, and the soundtrack to The Big Chill.)  I felt like such a grown up for choosing such a mature band to rock to.
I got my first concert tickets to the 1992 Zooropa concert tour.  I was going to go with friends to Ames to see my first concert.  I could hardly wait!  I had planned out my outfit for weeks, trying to find something that made me look cool but not like I thought about it for weeks.  Unfortunately, the stomach flu had other plans.  I missed that show, and instead spent the night in bed.  I was totally bummed.

Fast forward to March 2010.  U2 was coming to Minneapolis, and was to be the first concert in the new UofM football stadium.  I could hardly wait!  (Not to mention, I would be 3 months pregnant and thought the best sounds for our unborn child to hear first would be “Beautiful Day” and “One.”)
Greg and I were on 2 computers and 2 phones and we got tickets.  It sold out in less than 30 minutes, and we got them!
Then, shortly before the show, Bono needed back surgery and the show before ours was going to be the last they’d play until 2011.  Son of a B!
Fast forward again to July 2011.  Our daughter is now almost 7 months old, and we (along with 60,000 other fans) are going out to see one of the best shows in history.  My attire is way different that it was almost 20 years ago, but even in my mom clothes, I’m still cool.

And, for the record…Larry is my favorite.  Always has been, always will be.

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