Grilled chicken & corn salad w/ avocado & parmesan

Looking for new recipes, I found this in the August 2011 Real Simple and thought we’d give it a try. 
We really like a traditional Caesar (not creamy dressing) and this is very similar.

1 lemon, cut in half
2 T chopped fresh rosemary (we used dried)
1 T garlic, finely chopped/minced
4 T olive oil
Salt & pepper
2 6oz boneless, skinless chicken breasts, grilled, then cut into bite size pieces
3 ears of corn/1 can of corn, drained
~5 cups baby spinach (We use 3 stalks of romaine…if you don’t know why I don’t like spinach, just ask)
1 avocado, cut into bite size pieces
Parmesan, shaved

1. In a medium bowl, whisk together juice from 1/2 lemon, 1/2 T garlic, 2 T olive oil, 1 T rosemary, salt & pepper and pour into a large baggie to marinate the chicken.  Then, grill over medium-high heat.  The rest of the lemon, olive oil, garlic, s&p, rosemary is for the dressing,
2. Grill corn (if desired) or cut off cob and add to cleaned lettuce.
3. Toss all ingredients w/ remaining dressing and serve!  Delicious!
Serves 4

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