Camping: Guswiler Style

We headed out Friday for our annual camping trip with our friends, the Lukins.  There were 10 of us (including 7 adults, a 3 yr old, an almost 1 yr old, and our 7 mo old.) 
Greg is awesome.  He knows I hate camping and does everything he can to make it more comfortable and easy for me.  He rented a pop-up camper, complete with air conditioning!  It was glorious!  We got all our shopping done, and were on the road Friday afternoon.

She likes camping!

We arrived at Lake Wissota State Park, outside Chippewa Falls, WI a little after 2pm.  Steve, Kathy, Chris, Torrie, and Leila were already there, planning out more adventures.  It was a great site as Kathy had gotten a tent and put down a tarp and blanket for the kids to play in bug-free.  Leila is walking, and Piper wants to move, so it was so nice to be able to let them go!

It’s fun playing with friends!

We grilled steaks, potatoes, and played until shower and bed time.  We even got Piper to eat in a new high chair!

Saturday, the weather was about 90 degrees w/ 100% humidity, so it was pretty gross.  We had our eggbake (*check back for recipe!) and just played around the campsite. 
All of a sudden, the sky got dark, thunder started rolling, and it started to pour!  We packed up the kids and stuff, and headed into town for the Leinenkugel Brewery tour.  We waited an incredibly long time, but the tour was fun.

Everyone (but Kathy) enjoying the free samples

Greg, Piper, and T

When we got back to the campsite, our camper had puddles of water inside.  The floor, counters, and Piper’s pack n play were soaked.  Let’s just say we weren’t happy.  After we got everything dried, and we were exhausted from keeping the kids free of mud, we had foil dinners (*check back for the recipe!), baths and bedtime. 

Foil dinners are a favorite!

That night, we started with the air on, but storms started around 10pm.  Greg thought the air conditioner sucked in water earlier in the day, so we turned it off, turned on a fan, and pulled Piper into bed with us for the night.  Cozy, huh?!
The following morning, after a craptastic night of sleep, we had Greg’s famous French Toast, along with Steve’s favorite chocolate waxy donuts, and packed up and headed home.
It’s funny…the last thing you think before you leave is “I may take next year off from camping,” but about an hour later, you’re saying “It will be better next year.”
Until Summer 2012…

One thought on “Camping: Guswiler Style

  1. I'm just like you. I am NOT a huge fan of camping but I will do it for the sake of my husband. I need my A/C and electricity, hahaha.

    It looks like you guys had a blast anyways! I think that's awesome you guys took Piper. I'm sure she will love it growing up. 🙂


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