State Fair Foods

The Minnesota State Fair runs for 10 days in late August/early September.  They like to call it the Great Minnesota Get Together…we like to call it “How many foods on a stick?”

Instead of the typical recipe, this week I thought I’d showcase some of the foods we taste tested while spending 2 days at the fair.

Pronto Pup: corndog made w/ pancake batter instead of typical breading

Deep fried pickles w/ cream cheese inside!

A MN State Fair Staple: Sweet Martha’s chocolate chip cookies

And, it wouldn’t be the fair without cheesecurds!

My new favorite food at the fair: Key Lime pie dipped in chocolate on a stick

It’s from Minnesota, you know

Always have to have the fries

Greg’s new fair food: pretzel dog

Chocolate dipped jalepenos

Delicious gyro

Strawberry key lime pie dipped in white chocolate on a stick

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