BACT (Bacon Avocado Cheese and Tomato)

This week’s recipe is a new favorite. 
It was a cool and dreary Minnesota autumn day, and instead of the lively tacos or salad we had planned, we decided it was a grilled cheese and soup kind of day.

Tastiness grilled

Start with a good bread.  I like a seedy multi grain, but any bread will do.
Next, your cheese.  We’ve tried fancy cheeses of all kinds, and find the best one for our sandwiches is Velveeta.  Curse my name, but that stuff is good and it melts. 
We also had some tomatoes from the garden that needed eating, avocadoes that were ripe yesterday, and some bacon from a weekend breakfast.

Butter both sides of the bread, and put into hot skillet (that’s been Pammed.)  Toast both sides briefly, then add cheese, avocado, tomato and bacon.
Top w/ another piece of bread and enjoy!
We ate ours w/ chili, but a tomato or chicken noodle (for those tomato soup haters) is good too.

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