Giving Thanks!

We take turns spending Thanksgiving with our families, and this year, we were in Iowa City. 
When my parents left Iowa City, I was 20 and decided to piggy-back with my cousin, Ann, and her in-laws.  They’ve had me for the last 16 years!

Grammy Winnie, Grandpa Bill, Will, Abbie, Callum, & Maddie

Callum, Will, Kassia, & Chris

Abbie, Doug, Ann, & Maddie

All the Scotts

Traditionally, we start the fun on Wednesday evening with Pagliai’s pizza and catching up.  This year, Piper got to meet my Aunt Marsha, Ann’s mom.  She was over the moon to meet P!  Marsha gave Piper a recordable book…something she can listen to when she’s 20 and enjoy!

The original girls: Maddie, Megan, T, and Abbie

Auntie Megan & Piper

Piper & Aunt Marsha

Thursday, to curb the hangover from Wednesday’s fun, we start the bloody marys around 10am.  Dinner is usually around 1, then we stuff ourselves until we have to roll away from the table. After, when the kids were little, we’d go to the park down the street and let them play, but now that they’re all about their cell phones and ipads, we nap.

Piper really does love olives

Don’t even think of taking away my olives

Piper’s cute turkey tee (from Grandma Susan)
Roggow-Scott-Guswiler girls

Roggow girls

Christmas card preview!

Friday, I usually go to a movie with my nieces, Maddie and Abbie.  Some years, we’ve ice skated, shopped, and when they were little, we’d spend hours at the Children’s Museum.

Friday night usually means more eating, and putting up Winnie’s trees.  It’s always a little tricky remembering how we got that one row of lights to come on last year!

Piper loves Grammy Winnie!

This year, we were able to take P to see Santa!  She was so interested in his beard and wouldn’t look at the camera…

Who is this guy?

Good times were had by all, and I can’t wait to be there again in two years!

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