11 months!

December 1st marks the last monthly milestone for Miss Piper.  She was 11months on 12-1-11…that means 1 more month until the big 1st birthday!

11 months!

Right now, she’s into EVERYTHING!  Over Thanksgiving, it’s like someone flipped a switch and she’s now officially a walker.  She’d been “practicing” for several weeks, but one of the weirdest things a parent can see is when your sweet, little one shows up in the kitchen door, standing and smiling for Cheerios. 

She’s a great eater, and a mediocre sleeper. (You can’t win them all!)  She’s so adventurous when it comes to food.  This week, she had salsa chicken, tacos, baked potatoes, and pork chops.  Seriously, who would have thought an almost toddler would be begging for pork chops!  And, in true toddler fashion, she’ll have potato on her tray, and if I’m eating potato, she doesn’t want hers, but only mine. 

When people ask me how my break was, all I can say is “My kid is awesome.”  For real, she’s the best!  Unless she’s starving or about to pass out tired, she’s smiling, laughing, singing, and just being great.  (But look at her parents.:)  We are very blessed.

I find myself constantly thinking “How did she get this big?!”  Next month, expect lots of cheers and lots of tears at the transition from infant to toddler.  Until then, we enjoy each day!

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