Happy Holidays from the Gus’!

2011 has been a great year!

The year started off with a surprise early visitor: Piper was born 1-1-11…yup, we missed the tax credit by just hours! 

Time has flown by as we are about to celebrate her first birthday!  We can’t express how awesome our kid is.  (*Bragging alert!)  She’s happy, healthy, funny, full of smiles, and really is the love of our lives.  In her spare time, she loves bath time, showing off her walking skills, eating catfood, and torturing the cat.

We were crazy enough to take an infant camping this summer, and while it was a challenge, I think we’re crazy enough to do it again next year.  We also took road trips to Iowa, Duluth, and Wisconsin (some good, some horrible), and are flying for the first time on Christmas day.  Wish us luck!

Tasha’s in her 12th year of teaching elementary Art, 10th year in the Prior Lake-Savage schools, and Greg’s still working for Medica, and is still actively involved with the St Paul Bouncing Team.  (Yes, he even put Piper on the blanket for a photo opportunity at only 4 weeks old!)   

G&T camping, August 2011

Family photo in Hayward, WI, Sept. 2011

Happy 2nd anniversary!  Oct. 2011

Merry Christmas!

We are lucky to be happy and healthy, and wish you a merry Christmas happy 2012!

Greg, Tasha & Piper

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