12 months is 1 year!

12 months!

Gotta go!

Starting the month out at 20lb 55oz…how we know this is I had to take you to the pediatrician for an ear infection.  Sad. 
You started the runny nose, so I thought it was teeth.  You then started barfing in the car on Sunday, and wouldn’t eat.  I kept you home on Monday, and ended up taking you to the doctor because you were running a fever and were just inconsolable.
The doctor said it was a virus you’d caught, and back to back colds can lead to ear infections.  You’re on amoxicillin now, and hopefully you’ll be back to your old self in no time!  I’ve been putting your medicine in w/ applesauce and you gobble it right up.  Thank goodness!
I will say I’m not very pleased at you sharing the stomach flu with Daddy and I.  It was horrible!!!!

You’re just so funny!  You laugh all the time, you’re quite the ham for the camera, and love attention.  You’ve also started fake crying to get attention.  Don’t worry: we ignore you.:)

I’m a mixed bag of emotions as you turn 1: happy that you’re so happy and healthy, yet sad that you’re growing so fast and you’re not our little baby anymore, and so excited for the next year. 
You’re a great eater, so happy, and a craptastic sleeper (but so am I, so I guess you get that from me.:)

Just a size post:
wearing 12mo clothes
size 4 shoes
still doing 4 6oz bottles (9, 1, 4, 7:30)

We got to have 2 Christmases: one in mid-December with Grandma Susan, Grandpa Jim, Uncle Mike, Aunt Nina, Ryan, Ben and Uncle Steve.  I made calendars on Shutterfly for the grandparents, and hopefully they loved them.
We ended the month in Arizona with Grammy and Grandpa.  They were SO excited to see you!
Grammy had all sorts of toys and a closet full of clothes for you.  Grandpa showed you all of the cactus in his backyard, and loved chasing you (and trying to get his remote control back!)  We celebrated your birthday with a pink cake, and you weren’t so sure about what to do with it!  Daddy pushed  your hands in the cake, and you didn’t really like that.  You had a few bites of cake, stained the onesie you had on, and had a great time. 
Also, unfortunately, at the end of the month, we had to take you to the ER on 12-31, for RSV.  We brought you home with an oral prednazone and a nebulizer.  Not a fun way to celebrate your first birthday!

At your one year appointment, Dr. Bodine was so pleased with your development.  He said that over 50% of 1 year olds aren’t walking yet, and you’re almost running!
He wasn’t happy about the RSV, but he wasn’t surprised as most kids will get it before they’re 2.  He said to just keep you healthy!
You ended the month at 20lb 5 1/2oz, 29 1/2 inches long. 
We can start eggs and honey, but we’ll wait until you’re feeling better before we start peanut butter.  Dr. Bodine didn’t seem to think we’d have a problem with either!
We have to wait to get your immunizations for a few weeks, until the RSV steriods are out of your system.  I’m sure you’re not too sad about that!

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