Greg & Tasha become Mom & Dad

In 2008, Greg and Tasha were engaged to be married.

Day we got engaged

In 2009, Greg and Tasha became Mr. and Mrs.

Wedding day, 10-10-09

In 2010, Greg and I were just Greg and Tasha.  

G & T, January 2010

In 2011, we became Mom and Dad.

G & T (and P), January 2011

I’ve been called a lot of things: daughter, sister, friend, teacher, wife, and while those are all amazing, one year ago, on 1-1-11, I got a new name: MOM.

And one year later, we’re parents to an amazing, beautiful, smart, funny, wonderful little girl.

G & T, Christmas 2011

Piper at 1 day old & 360 days old

Life is GOOD.
Happy 2012!

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