Thank goodness for Grammy!  She has gotten the girls almost all of their clothes, and one of her favorite items to buy is JAMMIES!
Piper has a slight obsession w/ jammies.  Both girls LOVE to stay in their jammies all day…some days it’s impossible to get out of the house in real clothes!
Here are some of their favorites!

June 2011

Reading w/ Grammy: August 2011

August 2011

Snuggling w/ Grammy Winnie:: Thanksgiving 2011

Stories w/ Grammy & Papa: Christmas 2011

Daredevil: April 2012

Breakfast of Champions: May 2012

Cuddles w/ babies: September 2012

Reagan loves jammies too! December 2012

Piggy jammies: December 2012

Meggy & Piper: Christmas 2012

More Christmas jammies!  2012

The FAVORITES!  Ellie jammies: January 2013

HEY!  I love jammies too!  January 2013

Rockin’: January 2013

Big sister photobomb: January 2013

Coloring in her jammies: February 2013

Goofy girl: February 2013

Cute chick!  March 2013

Papa and his girls: April 2013

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