Happy Mothers Day!

No, I have the best husband!
Not only did he get up early with the girls, but he made my favorite breakfast (french toast w/ sausage & bacon), but he sent me shopping w/ Megan for the day!
He took the girls up to get their picture taken w/ Grandma Susan & Grandpa Jimbo, so every mom got some love.
We ended the day w/ Punch Pizza and a trip to Dairy Queen!
I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

The typical photo: one kid making a silly face & the other looking away

T & P

T & R

And, because they’re sometimes the best pictures, here’s the FAILED pics…

So sunny!

Yummy hands and squinty

Sunglasses & a photobomb

Chasing Lucy is what we do best!

Um, what are you doing mom?

Because grass & sticks are way more interesting than posing for mother’s day

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