Photo-a-day: May 2013

Day1: Peace (just got the kids to bed)
Day 2: Skyline
Day 3: Something I wore today (May 3rd?!)

Day 4: Fun!

Day 5: Bird (Sweet Mama Brown, our resident Mallard Mama)

Day 6: You (me circa age 5)

Day 7: Someone that inspires me (my mama, Paula)

Day 8: A smell I adore (fresh baby)

Day 9: Something you do everyday

Day 10: A favorite word

Day 11: Kitchen
Day 12: Something that makes me happy

Day 13: Mum (Multi-tasker extraordinaire!)

Day 14: Grass
Day 15: Love
Day 16: What you’re reading (the “guest book” from our wedding)
Day 17: Snack
Day 18: Something I made (painting circa 1995)

Day 19: A favorite place
Day 20: Something I can’t live without (The Boss)
Day 21: Where I stand (or don’t)
Day 22: Pink
Day 23: Technology
Day 24: Something new (gum to curb my snacking on Fruit Snacks)
Day 25: Unusual (late sleeping children!)

Day 26: 12 o’clock (Skyping w/ Grammy & Papa in Germany)

Day 27: Something sweet (potatoes for Reagan)

Day 28: The weather today

Day 29: Number (days left before summer break!)
Day 30: My personality
Day 31: Beautiful (I’ve never felt more beautiful than on our wedding day

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