Poor Reagan

The last weekend of June, I decided to go to Iowa city for my 20th high school reunion. I had dinner with my old friend Katrina, and was just getting to the high school when I got a phone call from Greg Saturday morning. 

Reagan had woken up with a low-grade fever, but we didn’t really think much of it. He decided to take the girls to Home Depot. He said the girls were doing fine, but Reagan seems a little bit more growly the normal.  After he put Reagan into her car seat, she started having a seizure. Daddy called 911, an ambulance came, and checked her out. By then she was feeling a little bit better, but wanted to take her to the hospital to check her out. 
Once they got her to the hospital, the doctors and nurses said that it’s called a febrile seizure, where young children have a fever that spikes and their bodies don’t know how to control it, and they have a seizure. 
After a few hours of monitoring, everybody came home.  By that point I was on the road on my way home to see my sweet family. 
Reagan is back to normal now, but we will always need to just be a little bit more careful when we notice she has a fever  

One thought on “Poor Reagan

  1. Poor Reagan, and poor mommy and daddy!! I know they are so scary, and it is good you know about them now, but Brandon says they are pretty common (most common type of seizure for kids) and I have had a nephew and another friend's kid have one. Just another reason to give more hugs and kisses! 🙂


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