Photo a day: November 2014

A is for autumn
B is for books at bedtime
C is for chalkboard
D is for dudes
E is for elephant
F is for food (flank steak to be exact)
G is for grinning girls
H is for holy hell, I have to teach math today
I is for ice cream sandwich
J is for Jefferson Homecoming
K is for kiss
L is for leaves
M is for mosaic

N is for necklace
O is for orange
P is for my people
Q is for quilt, granny made
R is for raking the sea of maple leaves
S is for scarecrow (of sorts)
T is for thirty nine
U is for under, over, under, over
V is for very hungry garbage can
W is for watercolor

X is for x-rated teddy bear
Y is for you belong with me (you’re my sweetheart)
Z is for zipper
1 delicious Honeycrisp apple
2 pumpkins smiling
3 I love you
4 little pumpkins
5…high five we made it!

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