Spring Break in Arizona!

We were lucky enough to travel for Spring Break to Tucson, Arizona to visit Grammy & Papa!
While we were there, we visited the Tucson Zoo to see Nandi, the baby elephant, we showed Grammy and Papa the swimming skills the girls have learned in lessons, saw Cinderella, and the girls had their first convertible ride!  (They loved it!  Greg and I are in big trouble!)
The bummer was that both girls had fevers all week and the weather was cool (60s and 70s), but we made the most of it!
Those backpacks are pretty cute!  (Although I spent most of the time carrying them…)
Greg likes his new sunglasses
Just strollin’ through the neighborhood
These girls are happy to see sunshine!
Grammy got some little pets and dolls…they were a hit!  (Even at 4:30am… thanks time change)
The girls LOVED their first convertible ride!
We came for the elephants!
Giraffes eat healthy snacks too
Reagan’s first movie: Cinderella!
And, of course, ice cream!
Reagan loved the train at the Children’s Museum
Future architect
Everyone loved making the marble runs
A big THANK YOU to the Phoenix Airport for their kids play area!
So glad we paid for her own seat

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