Eat Beach Sleep Repeat

Sun, sand, and family time was just what we all needed after a busy school year!

We left June 28 to go to Grand Cayman for10 days with Grammy, Papa, Ann, Doug, Maddie & Abbie. 
We stayed at villas of the Galleon right on Seven mile beach. We stayed in a condo so we were able to make meals, take a rest, and get relief from the humidity and heat!

The girls did very well getting up at 3 AM!

 We flew from Minneapolis to Atlanta, where we picked up Bill & Winnie. Then it was straight to Cayman!

We had delicious meals with our favorite family!
Built so many sand castles (and will be finding sand for the next year! 😉)

We celebrated Fourth of July!

We went on adventures to the turtle farm, Hell, Georgetown, Camana Bay and really got the hang of riding the bus! 

Our mornings were spent in the water learning how to swim and search for seashells, while our afternoon was spent resting up for the evening festivities.

At the end of it all, our skin is tanner, we are exhausted, and we may be on each other’s nerves, but we definitely made some wonderful memories!


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