It’s turkey time! 🍗🦃

Iowa City… here we come!
We had a wonderful trip to Iowa for Thanksgiving this year.  Bill and Winnie are the most wonderful hosts, and we couldn’t have had a better time!
The weather was good (although we’d told the girls there was snow in IC and when we arrived, it had all melted!), everyone was “relatively” healthy, and the Iowa Hawkeyes WON!!!  Undefeated!
We arrived Wednesday afternoon, enjoyed Pagliai’s pizza, stuffed ourselves silly on Thanksgiving, shopped, rode the carousel, had our Mexican, and watched lots of football.
Ann & Abbie
Even Lucy came!
Maddie teaching my girls how to Snapchat
1: she was fascinated by the magnifying glass.
2: This is what she wore to bed.  She didn’t like her pajama choices.
Everyone loves coloring!
The girls got their first Bloody Mary.  They both loved it!  Next year, they learn to make them!
We all volunteered to give our technology to Bill for the day (so we can talk like in the olden days he said.)
Megan was saying good bye to her besties.
This never happens anymore, but I loved every second of a sleepy Reagan 
The girls LOVED Rosie, and Rosie loved the girls.
After ~2 days stuck inside because of travel and weather, we took the girls to the inside park at the mall.
They were in heaven!
Maddie swears her shoes were the lucky charm for Iowa having an undefeated football season!
Emojis: you’re doing it right!
It’s horrible sleeping 3 to a bed, but the bedtime snuggles are the best!
This beauty’s giggle can make anyone smile!

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