Oh poop 💩

Reagan dear, you are something else.
Shortly after we returned from Wisconsin Dells, Reagan looked at us one night, with a very shocked look on her face. She said “I swallowed a coin!” And we knew she wasn’t kidding. After talking with the nurses line, who tries to freak you out with every worst case scenario oh, we noticed you were acting just fine so we decided to wait a few days to see if it came out.
After a week of poop inspection, we went for an x-ray. Dr. Bodine and told us most coins and objects pass without ever seeing them, and so we were fine. 
After the week we had with returnifrom vacation and the car accident, I was DONE.
One of my January mom friends saw the humor in the event and made us all laugh, which was exactly what we needed. She sent us a poop bank for Reagan’s coin’s. It has become quite the topic of conversation in our home.

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