Vroom vroom

This was not exactly in our plans for the summer, but life is what happens when you have plans.
After our great swimming day, we were on our way home and were rear-ended on 35W. During rush hour traffic, the car behind me wasn’t paying attention, and rear-ended our van. The first thing I said to the girls was everyone involved was safe because they were wearing their seatbelts. This is the third major accident that a seatbelt has saved my life. No matter if you’re driving down the street or across the country, always wear your seatbelt!!!
Unfortunately, because of the hit to the back, it damaged the frame of the minivan, and the insurance guy ended up totaling it out as a complete loss. So, we had to get a new van!
The girls keep asking about the old van, when we’re going to get it back, and if were going to get into a crash again. We reassure them that we are safe and that our new van is great (even without the leather seats and DVD entertainment center.)

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