Meet Walter 

I’ve been fighting not to get a dog for years.  I said I was allergic; Greg found a hypoallergenic dog.  I said I wouldn’t potty train a kid and a dog; Reagan has been PT for almost a year.  I knew I’d be the one feeding, walking and picking up poop while he would love everyone else.

Well, last fall, Megan had a client visit w/ a goldendoodle from South Dakota.  Megan was sold, and it didn’t take much to get Greg (and the girls) to gang up on me.  They showed me a picture, and I said “Well, I guess if you brought a dog like this home, I wouldn’t kill you.”  Greg took that as his opening, and put a deposit down the following day.  The puppies were born on Christmas Day.

Fast forward to now: we waited as long as we could to tell the girls, but couldn’t anymore.  Their lackluster reactions were not what we’d hoped for, but they’d grow into the idea.

Sunday morning came, and the alarm was totally unnecessary.  None of us slept!  We drove to the farm to meet Walter, our new kid.  Megan’s guy (name: TBD) is just as sweet!

The girls were a little apprehensive, but once they saw him, it’s all they could focus on.  They fell in love IMMEDIATELY, and so did we.

Side note: our breeder once bred horses, so she’s kept a few around for fun.  The girls were ecstatic about being able to ride a horse (without a saddle!)

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