T – Minus 2 Days and Counting!


Well we are so very close to our exciting Disney adventure! I have no idea how Tasha and I were able to keep this secret for over a year but, as far as we know, the girls have no idea that we are surprising them with a trip to Walt Disney World on Sunday.

Over a year ago, we talked about taking the girls to Disney World someday.  “Why spend all the money to go there?! Let’s take them to Paris instead!” Papa said.  Well, when you’ve got two princess-obsessed girls, Disney is a must.  So, after the sale of the Minnetonka condo, we decided to put the money towards the trip of a lifetime.  It seemed like it would be forever until we’d go.  Six months ago we made all of our dining reservations. Who knew that things would sell out within MINUTES of opening. We have plans for all sorts of meals and activities: princesses and more.  We’re spending time at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot.  To give ourselves a “catch our breath” day, we’re going to Kennedy Space Center and the beach on Wednesday.  Who knows what we will find, but I’m sure we’ll be making memories!

The girls spent last night with Grandma and Grandpa so that we could get everything packed and ready to go. Let’s hope we got everything… last time daddy packed, he forgot PJ’s. No worries (and if we forget anything, we can get it there!)

More to come on our adventure to Florida. Stay Tuned!!