Piper’s year in Kindergarten

Choice time with JulietIMG_1348IMG_1393Silly Sock dayIMG_1463Looking for signs of fallIMG_1472Arboretum Field Trip with Mom!IMG_1515IMG_1540Halloween as Elena of AvalorIMG_1561Mrs. Schulz & Mrs. May are THE BEST!IMG_1571IMG_1580IMG_1582IMG_1587Chicken koop building with ClevonteIMG_1638IMG_1667 (1)Daddy came for Gingerbread house building!IMG_1667Symmetrical Butterfly for her STEAM projectIMG_1782100th DayIMG_1814IMG_1824Shamrock ShenanigansIMG_1879Who knew there was a balloon factory in Bloomington?!IMG_1907Minnesota Zoo!IMG_2018Readers TheaterIMG_2186IMG_2187IMG_9635

Artsy Fartsy

Piper’s school is having a STEAM night & every student has to do a related project. She wanted to do a butterfly painting, so I taught her about symmetry. Watching her drop paint on paper, fold & schmear (yes schmear), then open to see mixed beauty was priceless. 

Up next is her drawing of the butterfly life cycle…

Arboretum field trip!

When the kindergarten teachers ask for parent chaperones for a field trip, we jump!  I got to go with Piper’s class to the MN Arboretum in October.  The kids had a great time learning about leaves and what creepy crawly things live in the woods.  It was so fun getting to be the mom (& not the teacher!)