Happy graduation Abbie!

We celebrated Abbie this weekend! There weren’t a lot of pictures taken because we were having so much fun! Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, Abbie had a great time and made some wonderful memories.

The Never Ending Winter

April. It’s MID-APRIL and we’ve been snowed in.  +16″ of snow has hit Bloomington over the last 3 days. It *would* be beautiful if it were January, but it’s April!

Saturday morning

Realizing any plans we had were going to be cancelled

The 3rd time he cleared the driveway.  
It was cleared <2 hrs before
This man is a Super Hero!!!

Our awesome neighbors, Ray & Karen, decided to host a “We’re sick of winter” party.  Anyone who could trudge through the snow enjoyed a spread of “clean out the pantry” snacks & cocktails.  It was what makes it a great place to live!

I think this is Sunday?!  STILL SHOVELING.  You can see Sarah’s totally blocked in by the snow plow’s work.  

Reagan was enjoying “swimming” in the snow!
Nothing holds these kids back from a party!
Oh, the irony…

Reagan’s new high heels

Piper’s 2018 STEAM Project was her Periscope from Home Depot.  Very cool!
Said good bye to an old friend.  RIP Lola 2002~18

We celebrated Pi day with Pie!

Spring Break!

Greg, Piper and Reagan headed North searching for the Northern Lights!  They had a wonderful daddy-daughter trip… even if they didn’t see the lights.

They went tubing at Spirit Mountain, swimming at Bluefin Bay, and had delicious pie at Betty’s!

Trains at the train museum

“Mom, I slept on the floor!”

On the gondola in Grand Marais
Finally Home!!!